With their penultimate album „See You In Hell“ (2011, Massacre Records) MESSENGER were able to expand their status as hopefuls in the range of traditional metal and convinced their fans all over Europe of the qualities of their genuine, honest and energetic live shows.

On their following album „Starwolf – Pt.I: The MessengeRs“, they went into new spheres – into the infinities of the universe.

In association with the novelist Victor L. Pax, MESSENGER play the main characters in a science fiction novel named „Sternenwolf – Die Boten“ („Starwolf – The MessengeRs“), which has exclusively been written for the band.

The artwork is a contribution from the illustrator Wiebke Scholz, who has established her reputation in the fantasy and games scene (e.g., The Dark Eye a.k.a. Das Schwarze Auge, etc.).

During the „Eagles & Lions“ tour through Europe as support for Primal Fear and Bullet in 2014, MESSENGER were able to convince the audience with their galactic pirate-metal-stuff. The successful tour, a lot of festival shows and the music video „The Spectre“ are speaking for itself: those privateers under Morgan‘s flag are on their way to success!
After the release of the „Captain‘s Loot“ EP/LP in early 2015, a thank you for the die-hard fans, follows „Starwolf – Part II: Novastorm“, the desperately awaited sequel of the Starwolf saga about those five space pirates!

MESSENGER stayed true to their musical style with catchy riffs und melodies, epic choirs and orchestration, virtuosic guitar work and the variable four-octave-voice of the lead singer, which will blow every metal heads‘ mind!

To improve the performance and to do the next step, they entered Studio Greywolf to get the recording done and recruited Lasse Lammert at LSD-Studios to do the mixing.
„Starwolf – Part II: Novastorm“ is an album you should not miss!

Attention, metal heads – fasten your seatbelts for a trip with the MESSENGER space pirates!

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