Out of the essence of 80’s Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal and US Power Metal Nator forge an explosive piece of iron, which contains both brutal force and melody. Killer-Riffs, raging Guitar solos, a variety of vocals, from stirring choir-like chants to nasty screams, combined with dark lyrics, form the unique Nator sound.


Nator was formed in the year 2000, giving 4 youngsters the creative freedom they needed, with the chance to make metal music just the way they wanted. Coming from different musical backgrounds, but all of them burning for metal, Nator soon found the direction of sound they wanted – melodic but heavy, epic but dark.

After releasing two demos in 2003 and 2005, they had the chance to play bigger concerts, for example as support for ‘Die Apokalyptischen Reiter’ and ‘Brainstorm’.
Their first full-length album “Evil Or Divine” was to follow in 2008, with no record label to back them up they managed to get a small but loyal fan-base, and play countless shows, some of them as support for bigger bands like ‘Raven’, ‘Majesty’ and ‘Helstar’.

After some years without a new album, Nator decided to take a small creative break, reducing their live appearances and concentrating an a new album, this time with a longer perdiod of self-discovery, songwriting, recording, and most of all, a professional production.

Nator released their first professionally produced album “My Kingdom Come” via Metalizer Records in spring 2016.

Now they are ready to hit your stage! Nator – metal as it should be.

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